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Eggplants (Parmigiana) – Level: Medium

Parmigiana is a dish prepared in almost all of Italy, but it is typical of Sicilian gastronomy. In this video, the chef presents her own recipe, handed down from mother to daughter for several generations. The main ingredient is the fried aubergine, which is prepared together with a tomato sauce, hard-boiled eggs, grated parmesan and caciocavallo cheese, to give birth to this delicious dish called Parmigiana.

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To make parmigiana we need tomato sauce. You can prepare it using raw tomatoes (in this case to make it you can follow the recipe “Pasta alla norma”) or you can prepare it buying tomato sauce in can or in bottle. You can flavor it with garlic.


Then take the eggs and hard boil them for about 10 minutes. After throw away the shell and break them in 4 or more pieces.


Then we need eggplants sliced and fried. How to prepare them ? See the follow step!


Before frying the eggplant we need to cut and put them in a colander with some core salt. In this way, all the bitter juice which is inside the eggplant will come out.

Then set it a part for about 20/30 minutes. So rinse the eggplants sliced and dry them. Finally you can fry them with plenty of extra virgin olive oil.

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After you have all ingredients ready, we can begin to make the parmigiana. Let’s make the first layer. Take a casserole and begin to put inside the slide of eggplants. It isn’t necessary to grease it because eggplants are already greased


Then I will put some tomato sauce, some hard boiled eggs , some pieces of cheese and a lot of grated cheese and plenty of basil leaves, crushed.


Then let’s make another layer putting again eggplants, tomato sauce, hard boiled eggs, cheese grated and basil leaves. We can complete our parmisan with a layer of eggplant. Gently press to give the shape. Then bake it for 20 minutes at 180° C / 356°F. Then let it cool and eat it at room temperature.


We can present parmigiana in another way which is the right one for fingerfood. Let’s use a little mold.


Take a slice of eggplant and put it on the mold to give the shape.


Then put just a little of tomato sauce and a basil crushed leave and a little cheese and grated cheese. At the end add the egg. Bake it for about 5 minutes at 180°C / 356°F.


Eggplant “parmigiana” can be prepared the day before for the day after.


Enjoy it!

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You may substitute the eggplants with sliced fried zucchini or, in winter, with sliced, blanched cardoons.

Some chef have revisited this recipe adding slice of swordfish. If you like, you can try this variant, adding raw sliced swordfish to your “Parmigiana”.

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